Inspiring: A 19-year old daughter donated 75% of kidney to save her father’s life

While everybody is busy casting their votes in lok sabha polls, a very inspiring and heart touching incident took place. In which, a daughter named Rakhi Dutta donated 75% of her liver parts to her father. Now, she’s left with just 25% of her liver parts and sufferings through out her life.

A post on Facebook shared the story of Rakhi Dutta sacrifice and narrated the reason behind her sacrifice as well. The post reads –

Meet our Hero of the Day, Rakhi Dutta

“Rakhi’s father was having a serious liver issue and and the doctor adviced him for a Liver #Transplant. After the failure of some renowned doctors, she and her sister single handedly admitted her father to AIG hospital where the process began. It is hard to imagine that Rakhi, just a 19 year old readily agreed to donate 65% of her liver without even thinking of the scars and pain which she would carry for her entire life. At such a young age, she has overcome the ‘Fear’ and the term like ‘Impossible’ which we believe, does not exist in her dictionary.”

To the people who say that daughters are useless, she is an answer to them. Credits: The UnCivilised Indian

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