Inspired by Kabir Singh, a man killed a girl, the director says film doesn’t endorse murder

Kabir Singh
Inspired by Kabir Singh, a man kills girl, the director says the film doesn’t endorse murder

Kabir Singh has already started giving a negative impact on the viewers. Recently, news about a Tik Tok user from Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor surfaced who was accused of stalking and killing a flight attendant. It was said that he even posted a dialogue from Kabir Singh on Tik Tok.

There has been a lot of talks about Shahid Kapoor’s violent behaviour towards girls in his latest release ‘Kabir Singh.’ The film was critically accused all over. This is definitely not a film which should be made in the world of Bollywood especially because of the kind of endorsements celebrities get. They are treated as role models and people actually try to follow what they endorse.

A girl is killed because of the character which was portrayed in the film. The kind of behaviour the director showed and the attitude towards girls was completely unacceptable. It has already started its impact and you don’t know what will happen in the future.

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga said, “The film doesn’t endorse any kind of violence or murder. I feel sorry for the girl and her family. It is unfortunate that people have lost their lives. As filmmakers, we are responsible for our craft and need to consider the repercussions, but never have my films (endorsed) killing anyone. Kabir Singh or even Arjun Reddy (the Telugu original) never (supported) murder.”

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