Here’s why 60-year-old IPS officer is winning the internet

We expect someone to be lethargic and lousy at the age of 60. After all the hustle and bustle of life, everybody wants to relax at this age. But our DGP, OP Singh is breaking all the stereotypes. He has proved that age is not a matter of hindrance if you are hardworking and dedicated. He is active and  progressive in his thoughts and actions.

Om Prakash Singh, 1983 batch IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre is currently DGP of Uttar Pradesh police. As you can see he is all over the internet these days because of the kind of person he is.

His actions say a lot about him. There are many instances which prove the kind of dedication he shows towards his work.

You hardly see 60-year old DGP visiting police stations from 6 am to 12 in the night for inspection. He is very responsible and disciplined when it comes to work. His regularity and work ethics is commendable.

 In many sensitive cases, it is very rare to see a DGP speak to a sub- inspector. It doesn’t really happen. But OP Singh directly meets investigating officers (who are of sub-inspector rank) to take a check on them and make sure everybody is doing their work properly.

Also, he is as tech savvy as a 20-year-old teenager. He has a lot of practical knowledge when it comes to technology. He is well known about the facts and figures of the modern technology and is no less than a teenager.

Also, he is very helpful to his juniors and takes care of their problems. Many times he gives suggestions at 3 am to his officers in a whatsapp group on the request of anonymity, district police chief.

A 2008 batch IPS officer said that he keeps organizing get-togethers of seniors and junior officers to break the ice and to be more comfortable with each other and make communication easier and better.

On one side, he confesses to the encounter to make the law and order better and on the other side, he connects with masses by meeting them very often.

When OP Singh became the director general, the toughest task was to decrease the crime rate. But through his intelligence and tactics to deal the crime and the criminals of the state, he seems to be feasible with every opportunity assigned to him by the ruling government.

Since few years, OP Singh has been managing a lot of crucial positions. He has got a lot of appreciation for his work. He has a major role in the safety of NDRF and Prime Minister. Since the BJP has come in power, Om Prakash Singh has been moving up on the scale in his position as DGP of Uttar Pradesh police.

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