Big Breaking: Nation mourns on the passing away of Mahatma Ved Bhikshu’s wife Pandita Rakesh Rani.

By Line: Shivendra Pandey

India cannot be fulfilled without spiritualism. There was a legend who provided translation to the Vedas i.e. Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, and Athaveda in Hindi and published it during the 1970’s. His wife Pandita Rakeshrani who has published 300-400 spiritual books till date passes away.

Kailash Satyarthi with Pandita Rakeshrani daughter Divya Arya

She was the soul working for pandit Bhrtendra Nath to achieve his goal of publishing four Vedas into our mother tongue Hindi. She was the living legend who portrayed the strength of womanhood at the time when women were not supposed to be empowered and lead the foundation upfront.

VHP President Pandita Rakeshrani and Divya Arya

MDH masala ambassador Dharampal Gulati along with Dr. Harshvardhan, Noble laureate Kailash Satyarthi, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, VHP president Alok Kumar, and MLA Vijendra Gupta shared their sympathetic condolence towards Pandita Rakeshrani.

MDH Masale Dharampal Gulati with Pandita Rakeshrani and Divya Arya

Mahatma Vedbhikshu(Pandit Bhrtendra Nath), has provided the first 4 Vedas time in world history by publishing it. he took the oath that he will not accept the grain, noon and sweet(anna, salt, and sweet) till the 4 Vedas would be published. As he annonced the cost was Rs 35/- but actual cost was Rs 101/-. And it took 2 years to published and he followed his oath till 2 years and published first time in history Maharshi Dayanand Ka Hindi Bhashya. that time this Dayanand Sansthan was located in Karol Bagh, Presently also running by his wife PANDIT RAKESH RANI, President of Dayanand Sansthan (who had published300-400 books till date) and editor of a revolutionary monthly magazine JAN-GYAN since last 50 yrs passes away. Presently her youngest daughter DIVYA ARYA has taken charge of the Dayanand Sansthan and Jangyan Masik.

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