Alagba, who had ‘healing powers’ died at the age of 344

Alagba, who had ‘healing powers’ died at the age of 344.

Alagba, a tortoise who was 344 years old died in the palace of Ogomosho, Southwest Nigeria. Alagba meaning elder lived in the centuries for years now. He was born in 1675!

The tortoise was the “oldest in Africa”, Ajamu said. “Alagba lived in the palace for centuries. The tortoise played host to many monarchs in Ogbomoso in the past.” The tortoise was said to have been brought to the palace by the third traditional ruler of the town, Isan Okumoyede, hundreds of years ago.

“Often times, Kabiyesi (the king) shares great moments with Alagba. On a daily basis, Alagba, had tourists visiting her from different part of the world,” he added

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