2 lakh UP girls to become the Special Police Officers, Unbelievable but True !

The Women Power Line No.1090 is a UP-based helpline for women and girls to register complaints of phone harassment, and more recently, other forms of sexual harassment. ‘Power Angels’ on the other end of the phone are meant to ‘foster a police-citizen partnership to create safer public spaces for women.’ According to the data of the 1090 Power Line, the helpline has resolved 3,88,658 cases between 2012 and July 2015. IG Sikera claimed that “it’s a mark of the success [of the helpline] that the numbers of calls we receive are only increasing”, causing us not a little worry that the IG feels that this is a matter for some celebration.


In addition to this IG Sikera is all set to launch his new project making the helpline more efficient by distributing approx 2,00,000 special cards to the girls of Uttar Pradesh making them the Special Police Officers(SPO). With the help of these cards they would act as a representative of Police and anyone can come up to them to register their complaint. This would not only encourage the females to come up openly to the harrasments but also empower them. The plan is to be executed in the coming months.

This would serve as yet another step towards the betterment of the women.


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