Your paper become stale before it came in your hand! BJP-NCP Formed Government

Right from the day of election results, BJP and Shiv Sena are fighting for the throne of Maharashtra. BJP was ready to merge but Shiv Sena denied it because they wanted their representative to be the CM face of Maharashtra. Which in turn diverted Shiv Sena’s interest in NCP to seek support and form government. Till 22nd November it was clear that Shiv Sena and NCP have agreed to form a coalition government. But the destiny of Maharashtra throne turns out to be very different and storming for Shiv Sainiks.

Very uncommon and unexpected event took place this Saturday morning when it was declared that BJP representative Devendra Fadnavis will be sworn in as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Which took people to the dilemma of confusion as last evening there were stories with fact and figure all around the internet and television that Shiv Sena and NCP will form the government. What happened in a couple of hours that changed the CM face and party?

Well if you are a political junk then you might have an idea what happened in Maharashtra overnight but for those who are still wondering what happened and how is this possible let me tell you why? None of the party in Maharashtra election results got full mandate so it was clear from the starting that there will be an alliance government. BJP secured 105, Shiv Sena secured 44 and NCP got 54 seats in Maharashtra assembly elections. NCP in the initial stage agreed to support Shiv Sena but during the last hours, it extended its support towards BJP.

BJP along with NCP support met Bhagat Singh Khoshyari, Governor Maharashtra and proved their mandate. Governor then informed the President and asked him to remove president rule over the state. President Kovind called off the emergency status from the state and BJP-NCP formed the government.

In a surprising turn of events, Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday took oath as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra while Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Ajit Pawar took oath as the Deputy CM of the state.

“I would like to thank our leader PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah Ji and party’s working president JP Nadda for choosing me as their candidate to head the Maharashtra government once again. The people of the state had given a clear mandate to the BJP but Shiv Sena disrespected that mandate and did dirty politics,” Devendra Fadnavis said post-oath-taking ceremony.

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