Wow ! This is the core essence of Sikhism

Often, we see the Hindu-Muslim debate on social media. Sometimes, people are seen passing insensitive comments, thereby adding fuel to the fire. But it is rightly said, Hindus and Muslims are actually “Bhai-Bhai”. It is time to change that typical mindset and respect each other, in order to maintain peace and religious harmony in the society.

Majority of Muslims are fasting for “Ramadan”; but don’t you think, this holy month should be respected by other communities as well? Even though fasting like them isn’t possible, some sweet gestures might show that love.
These days, people are trying to disrupt communal harmony by blaming communities and pointing out fingers. But amidst this, we got to see an example of religious bonding in this Facebook post.

In Pakistan, some Sikh people are distributing rooh Afza to fasting Muslims. Yes, they are distributing sunset meal i.e. “Iftaris”, in order to promote tolerance there.

This stall has been set up by Sahib Singh, a Sikh businessman at Aasia Gate (Peshawar); not only this, they are also “Lassi” and food to Muslims who are fasting.

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