Darling now you can get pregnant by sleeping on the temple’s floor: Read how

Simsa Temple
women can get pregnant just by sleeping on the temple floor

India is known as the place of miracles and superstitious beliefs. This temple which is situated in Village Simsa in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh challenges science and technology.

The villagers claim that women who are not able to conceive will get pregnant just by sleeping on the floor of the temple in the days of Navratra. A popular occasion is celebrated in the days of Navratra which is known as “Shailendra”. according to the villagers during Navratri Maa Simsa come into the dream of women who came to the temple in the hope of child and blessing by Devi.

People of Simsa deemed that ‘If the woman dream guava then she is blessed with a son, if she dreams ladyfinger then she is blessed with a daughter and if she sees a metal or wood in her dream, which means she needs to come again to be blessed with a child otherwise she will get red spots on her whole body’.

These unbelievable methods in India, challenge technology and scientific methods. People believe these things and many women from different states come to this temple in the hope of a child.

Do you also believe?

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