Woman sell her hair for Rs. 150 to feed her 3 starving kids.

A 31-year-old woman sold her hair to feed her children, as she was left with ha huge debt amount after her husband’s suicide seven months ago. Her story went viral on the social media, and helped her get financial assistance and a job.

On Friday, Prema of Ponnampet had spent her last penny, and was left only with her three hungry children, aged five, three and two years. Prema tried to seek help from everyone, family and neighborsb but no one stood for her help.

Then there was a man passing through who offered to buy her hair for a wig for Rs. 150. He immediately chopped off her hair and sold it. She spent Rs. 100 on food for her children, and with the remaining amount she went to buy a bottle of insecticide but the shopkeeper refused to give her. And later, “She then attempted to consume poisonous arali seeds. Her sister stopped her,” said G Bala, who spread the story of Prema around the social media.

Prema and her husband, Selvam, were daily wagers in a brick kiln, before Selvam decided to start his own business and borrowed Rs. 2.5 lakhs. But he was cheated by many, and the family fell into a huge debt. Selvam could not bear the burden of the debt, and commited suicide. With h the trauma of her husband’s death, the burden of huge debt, and her children suffering, she could not handle and tried to end her life too.

After Bala’s post, a week later, Prema was a new woman, and she managed to get Rs. 1.45 lakhs, Salem ministeriesd offered widow’s pension to Prema, and Bala’s friend Prabhu gave her a job.

Prema now asked Bala to remove his Facebook post and, she further said, “I am so overwhelmed by the support. I will never think of suicide again,” said Prema.

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