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Why people seem to damage their smartphones after the new model enters the market?

By Ishank Katyal

A new model of iPhone or any Android phone comes in the market and you damage or break the one you are using right now. Sounds familiar right?

According to the research published in June in Management Science, whenever the new models of the smartphones released, consumers are likely to become more careless about the device they are using right now. If they unconsciously break the device, it will give them a good reason to buy the new one.

“People need justification to act.” says Yaniv Shani, the faculty member at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management who has co- written the research paper with Gil Appel, assistant professor of marketing at George Washington University School of Business.

The study is based on the justification of the purchase of the new phone and product neglect. This research can help the companies to know the psychological effect on the consumers after the new model gets launched in the market.

The study also measures the willingness of the consumers to put one of their current devices into the dangerous condition. For example- keeping the device on the edge of the table, hence increasing the chances of falling, or taking it for hikes with lots of water crossings. They do it after knowing the new features and looks of the latest model which their current devices doesn’t offer. The researchers also showed the data that showed increasing efforts of the consumers to sell their old and damaged devices to buy the new one.

The researchers found that there is a relationship between these events and the behaviour while seeking or inventing the reason to buy the new one.

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