Why ‘Bluetooth’ is called Bluetooth!

Bluetooth was never supposed to be called Bluetooth. Yes, its true!. Do you want to know why? Well, back in 1996 when companies like Intel, Ericsson, Nokia and later IBM had created a “single wireless standard” and as their companies struggled to finalize their wireless standard’s name, Intel engineer Jim Kardach went out for a drink with Ericsson’s engineer Sven Mattisson.

Kardach had been working on a program called Business­RF at Intel, while Mattisson had developed a similar technology called MC Links for Ericsson. During their pub crawl, they both started talking about history which is pretty common while you are drinking. During their chat, Mattisson  told about the book he has read and was called “The Longships”by Frans G. Bengtsson that cataloged the travels of Danish warriors under the reign of King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson. interesting right?

They both found the name of the king very interesting and hence, decided that the device would be called ‘bluetooth.’ The chat over the drink changed the entire calling world!  Now you all must be interested in knowing this ‘Bluetooth King’.

Actually, Harald was the king of Denmark. He was the one who unite Denmark and Norway and also converted Danes to Christianity. So “single wireless standard”device was named after king Harald. the most interesting fact is this that King Harold had a tooth that appeared blue. many scholars believe that all Medival rulers use to call King Harold “Balatand” which in English means Bluetooth and that’s why our Bluetooth is known as Bluetooth!


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