What do you think? Asking for the sanitary pad is shameless.

What do you think? Asking for the sanitary pad is shameless.

A tweet got viral of a woman who asked for sanitary pads from the Indian railways while travelling. She was on a multi-day tour, she tweeted demanding a sanitary pad as she was in emergency and this should be made available by Indian railways claiming that it is a basic necessity.

The replies she got are really shocking, most replies are from women blaming her to be shameless and irresponsible of not carrying a pad with her, in response she says that she used an app like most of the women to get a track of her period which showed she was 5 days late. Next, you want condoms to be made available when you feel the urge this was one of the replies she got.

A woman replied that she should have used a pillow cover rather than shamelessly asking for a pad on social media. All these feedback shows that our society needs to change views on periods not being dirty and anything which should be feared to express. Pads are a basic need which should be made available. She was literate and open enough to tweet and her views should have been appreciated, as it would further help another woman who may face the same situation but not be so open to express it on social media.

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