‘Utterly Butterly’ chat between the Indian Railways and Amul wins the Internet!

As much as it’s active and serving people, in reality, Indian Railways is as much active on Twitter and serving people’s grievances and setting new heights in customer satisfaction. And when that’s not enough, the Indian Railways official Twitter handle goes one step ahead and signs a digital deal with country’s largest dairy giant Amul, of which Twitterverse is gaining much of praise lately.

The Amul team is always in the limelight for their elaborate hoarding featuring the famous Amul girl and her tongue-in-cheek humorous take on current news.

Amul reached out to the Indian Railways with a business proposition this time. It tweeted “@RailMinIndia, Amul is interested in using refrigerated parcel vans to transport Amul Butter across India. Request to please advice.”

The Indian Railways was quick to respond with a whip-smart reply using the brand’s tagline.

“IR will be utterly butterly delighted to get the taste of India to every Indian,” the ministry’s handle @RailMinIndia tweeted.

Tweeples had a mixed reaction on the same. Some praised the move:

Others suggested making railways safer:

Comment down your views for or against the views.

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