Uttarakhand High Court ruled river Ganga as India’s 1st living entity

On Monday Uttarakhand High Court recognised river Ganga as the first living entity of India.Following the order, India’s longest river will now enjoy all rights provided by the Constitution of India as a living person.

Ganges is one of the largest rivers in India, it is also considered to be the holiest and holds a high place in the mythology of India.

High Court has directed the Centre to recognise River Ganga and River Yamuna as living entities of India. The court also ruled the government to form a Ganga Administration Board for cleaning and better maintenance of the most important and sacred river of the country.

Earlier in the month, the Uttarakhand high court came heavily down upon the Union and Uttarakhand state government for doing “nothing concrete” to clean the Ganga River. The HC slammed them for wasting efforts on reviving a lost River Saraswati but not taking efforts on maintaining the River Ganga which if given proper attention will once again flow in its full glory

This reportedly makes Ganga as the world’s second river after New Zealand’s 145km long Whanganui river to be given such a status. The river became the first in the world to be legally recognised as a living entity and was granted the same rights as a human being.

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