Twitter took to condole on the demise of the original Playboy, Hugh

Huge-A glorified pornographer or a revolutionary?

“Life is about balance and balance is all about mastery.” Here, the Entertainment world goes into mourning on the demise of revolutionary pipe-smoking magnate Hugh Hefner.

Surrounded by his family members, the hedonist silently slipped away of natural causes in his royal Playboy mansion.


Why an ordinary man to be called a revolutionary?

He brought out mere dictionary words into real conversation. Back then in 1950, contraceptives, pregnant and premarital sex were controversial topics to talk about but he ignited a sexual revolution. The true visionary who chose to not conform had changed attitudes toward sex.

Why Playboy remained a brand name worldwide?

The first issue of Playboy in 1953 sold more than 50, 000 copies. By 1971 it was selling 7 million copies a month.

He followed his bliss and his bliss leads him to a billion-dollar fortune. Years after years the original playboy went on to publish ‘Bible’ for men.

Did the trailblazer degrade and objectify women with impunity?

Symbolized by bow-tied women in bunny costumes, the trailblazer tried to take them out of their reserved kitchen space.

The magazine warned Women from the first issue here by declaring:  “If you are somebody’s sister, wife, or mother-in-law do not pick us up by mistake, please pass us along to the man in your life and get back to Ladies Home Companion.”

Here’s how Stars have flocked on twitter on his demise-

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have led emotional tributes to the Playboy mogul.

(IMAGE: Paris Hilton)

Actress Sherlyn Chopra, who is the sole Indian woman to have appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, took to Twitter to condole Hefner’s death.

(IMAGE: Sherlyn Chopra)

He ignited many lives by defining a statement of lifestyle. His zest for expansion of life with a way ‘bold and outrageous’ ended up being controversial.

He, in his wildest dreams could never have imagined a sweeter life than this.


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