Twitter Celebrates Maha Shivratri: May ShivG Take Away All Your Problems Faster Than 4g

As Maha Shivratri is set to celebrated on 24 February this year, devotees of Shiv across the world come together and offer the god praises and prayers for blessings. The devotees of shiv have the utmost care and devotion who fast through the day and bathe in the holy waters of the river Ganga on this day. It is believed that the custom will give them absolution from their sins and give them moksha.

It is believed that on this day goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva got married, hence to mark their wedding, the Shivratri is celebrated.

As people are wishing each other through messages and calls, twitteratis are also in a totally different mood. Have a look how celebrities are celebrating this day.

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