This story of PM Modi’s generosity on Maha Shivratri shows how much he loves his supporters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on unveiled a 112-foot tall bust of Adiyogi Shiva at the Isha Foundation at the foothills of Velliangiri mountains. Underlining the need for peaceful coexistence, Modi said, “Lord Shiva is everywhere” and referred to the bull, peacock and mouse that were the vehicles of the Lord and his sons — Ganapathy and Karthik. He also talked about the venomous snake Vasuki curled around Shiva’s neck to emphasise the importance of peaceful coexistence. The bust, made of steel, weighs 500 tonnes and it took 2.5 years to design it and in eight months to build it. This is the tallest bust in the planet, recognizing the first yogi’s unparalleled contribution to humanity. The iconic bust symbolizes liberation, representing the 112 ways in which one can attain to one’s ultimate through the science of yoga. As a tribute to Adiyogi, the Prime Minister also lighted the sacred fire to commence the Maha Yoga Yagna across the world.

During the event, Twitter user Shilpi Tewari had tweeted: “I WANT that stole of PM Modi.” PM Modi was wearing a gorgeous stole with Lord Shiva’s picture on it, somehow was alerted about Tewari’s tweet. The next day, she received the stole along with PM Modi’s signature.

Overwhelmed to receive blessings of Adiyogi from modern India’s Karmayogi, PM @narendramodi, who is covering miles daily yet hears us all! PM @narendramodi sent me this blessing because I had tweeted yesterday that I want this stole. Am I dreaming?? Along with the stole came this signed paper .. can you imagine a PM who listens to your voices and takes time to respond & personalise !! I am so stunned and overwhelmed right now that I am frozen .. can’t think how to respond. Matlab kamaal hi kar diya.”

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