Sometimes action explains better than words; watch Naseeruddin’s daughter beating a nurse.

Naseeruddin Shah, who thinks India is not a safe country to live for his children and that in India, people are taking law and order in their hands; his daughter, Heeba Shah has been reported doing violence on two female employees of a in a CCTV video.


As per the sources, Shah’s daughter went to a veterinary clinic for the sterilization of two of her friend’s cats. The clinic is run by The Feline Foundation. According to a trustee of the clinic Heeba was asked to wait for 5 minutes as a surgery was going on already, Heeba waited for 2-3 minutes and then began shouting things like “Don’t you know who I am? How can you make me wait for so long outside without any assistance? How come no one helped me to get my cats’ cage out of the rickshaw on arrival?”

After this, Heeba was asked to leave by one of the senior doctors present at the clinic as she was abusing and being violent with the staff. She has been captured slapping and being aggressive with two female staff members that were present at the clinic.

A non cognizable offence has been filed against Heeba Shah in Versova police station of Mumbai for assaulting two women employees of the clinic.

Naseeruddin Shah might need to confirm that actually who are the people that are disturbing law and order of the country and who needs safety from whom!

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