So Roger Federer gets energy from Cow Milk?

The cows of India may have just successfully found an international ambassador to be the face of their movement. And even if I were to give you infinite chances to guess who that could be you wouldn’t in the wildest scenarios put together syllables that form Roger Fedrer.

While the word ‘COW’ to the rest of the world may connote to milk, the ‘B’ word, or maybe just an animal, in India, people relate the word ‘COW’ to sacred, God, or a weapon for lynching. Indians today are currently in the forefront for the conservation of cows, even though they are not listed as endangered. Hence, the movement for b*** ban, in the past few years has gained an unfathomable momentum. But while political parties continue to propel the revolution forward, and people continue to kill people in the name of suspicion, cows of our country continue to make roads their homes. Hence, in these controversial times, where social media mocks the agenda, cow lovers such as cricketer Virender Sehwag, have finally found solace by making the winner of 19 Grand Slam singles titles in tennis, Roger Fedrer, as their next scapegoat or rather scape-cow.

But they are out to hit the road of disappointment.

The recent images that popped up, indicating Fedrer’s affiliation towards cows, may have come as a surprise, but frankly he didn’t seem to have much choice. Juliette (yes he names his cows), was gifted to him by the organizers of Swiss Open back in 2003. These images were a mere showcase of his love for his pet, not an international revolution for cow conservation, Mr. Sehwag!

So yes, the next time you tweet out a false alarm of this kind, remember that cows have more important things to do, like block traffics or bless devotees!

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