After serving Indian Army for 30 years, retired officer asked to prove Indian citizenship

In major humiliation for a retired Indian Army soldier, the Assam police accused Mohammad Azmal Haque of being an illegal migrant. Claiming citizenship proves from the retired soldier who served the Army for 30 years before getting retired as a junior Commissioned Officer, the Foreigner’s Tribunal in Assam has served a notice to Haque.

As reported by Times Now, the Assam Police alleged that Haque illegally migrated to India after 1971. The police have further termed the retired Army official as a doubtful voter. However, Haque refuted the police claims and stated that he was born in Assam’s Kamrup district in 1968 and his mother’s name also features in the 1951 National Register of Citizens.

Strongly condemning the tribunal’s harassment towards Haque, lawyer Aman Wadud, who will appear for the retired officer during the trial, over a post in Twitter wrote, “AzmalHaque was appointd as JuniorComOfficer by President APJ AbdulKalam.”

Earlier in 2012, the Foreigner’s Tribunal served a notice to Haque’s wife suspecting her to be an illegal immigrant. However, later she was declared as an Indian citizen.

Over a series of post in Twitter, Wadud mentioned, “Many such Indian citizens are held as “foreigners” for minor anomalies in name and age in voter lists. Around 1000 such Indian citizens are being detained in detention camp without any parole. Many will breathe their last in detention camp.”

In a video shared by Wadud on Twitter, Haque expressed his grievances and disappointment for being mistreated by the police after his retirement from the Army.

However, the Indian Army’s Eastern Command has asserted “necessary assistance to the retired soldier till the issue is resolved. Over a post in Twitter, the Eastern Command wrote, “Major DP, Thanks for your concern. The JCO has been contacted and necessary assistance will be provided till the issue is resolved.”

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