Salute! This Kid Should Get Bravery Award

In your lifetime, you would have come across the people who had become the guarding angel that was sent directly from the god. In a similar incident, a video posted on youtube shows the same guarding angel that came to the rescue of a little girl.

According to the video description, the incident took place in the Kukatpally area of Hyderabad on May 27. The CCTV footage shows two children walking down a dark road at 12.40 am. However, when a dog sleeping on the road wakes up, the girl bolts at top speed. The little boy, however, stays there to courageously fights off four dogs that surround him in a matter of seconds.

Shared on May 28, the video has over one lakh views.

Watch our little guarding angel that came to the rescue to the little girl.

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