Rajasthan Human Right Commission terms live-in relationships as ‘social terrorism’

Claiming that live-in relationships are more detrimental to women’s rights than ‘triple talaq’, the Rajasthan human Rights Commission chairperson, Justice Prakash Tatia had termed the practice as ‘social terrorism’ and called for regulation and safeguards in such cases for the better protection of women.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Justice Tatia said, “The area where they (a couple) live-in…there is a sense of insecurity. A neighbour thinks, whether my daughter or son goes there (to the couple’s house). There is a sense of fear, which virtually creates terror…there may be fights. I am not saying the people who are fighting are right but it’s the reality.”

Being elevated as a judge of the Rajasthan High Court in 2001, Tatia took oath as the Chief Justice of Jhharkhand High Court in 2011 and was appointed as the chairperson of Rajasthan Human Rights Commission in 2015. To generate a report on the live-in relationships and to make recommendations to the government, Justice Tatia, in February this year passed an order seeking popular opinion on the issue.

Citing that the children born through a live-in relationship are not well-accepted in the society, Justice Tatia told The Indian Express, “What is the effect on family…on one’s daughter of a marriageable age? On the son? If we ignore all this, we are individuals…we have no right to say we live in society or with dignity because we are not relevant for others and others are not relevant for us…they (couples living in) live outside society.”

However clarifying that he is not staking claims for outlawing such relationships, he said, “What is the status of their children? We have to bear in mind that society has yet to accept live-in relationships…such children are not accepted in schools or in society.  What is the foundation of live-in? If they have clarity that we will live together and there is continuity and they will be faithful, then what’s wrong with marriage? They need not follow any religious practice…there is court marriage, too. But you don’t want to do all this…(leaving) doubts in everyone’s mind that one can leave anytime. If they marry, there is some social security…(but in live-in) there is every chance that after some time, one person leaves and it could ruin the future of the other, normally it’s the lady…there is no registration, no divorce.”

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