Prince Harry reaction to this adorable toddler stealing popcorn is winning the hearts

It’s an act of treason; it’s a crime and a thievery all that just by a toddler. While Prince Harry was busy in the Invictus Game in Toronto, Canada, was handily distracted by the gentleman next to him, little Emily Henson decided to take her chance.

Having no idea of Harry’s royal status, Emily can’t resist herself to the Prince’s popcorn, nabbing freebies before Harry finally clocks in.

The act of crime by Emily’s popcorn poaching was heart-melting. Playfully pulling faces and joking around with the toddler, he showed that he’d be a perfect dad. This is something on the lips of many royal-watchers who have noted his happiness with current girlfriend Meghan Markle, while of course, his brother continues to lay the foundations for many generations of royals to come. The internet has reacted to the engaging encounter, which you can see in the video below.

Most people, like us, think that it’s just a cuteness overload. Come on Harry, it’s gotta be your turn next!

Watch the video here:

And here’s how internet reacted:

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