Oops ! Big Setback to India TV as director Hemant Sharma steps down

The mainstream media houses are already going through a slight downfall nowadays. The race for TRP has spoilt the content as well as the reputation of maximum leading channels. Maintain one’s position in such circumstancesis quite difficult for most of the leading media houses. Amongst all this ruckus, India TV is thrashed by some major shock.

Hemant Sharma, News Director, India TV has stepped down from his role. India TV sources confirmed the development to some reporter. This could turn out to be a big loss for the channel and is definitelya set back in the ever growing competition.

Prior to joining India TV, Sharma was working as Bureau Chief in Lucknow for a prominent Delhi base newspaper. Sharma has also authored a book on the subject ‘Dwitiyo Nasti’. He has also been conferred the prestigious Yash Bharat Award by the Uttar Pradesh Government for his contribution to journalism

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