Ohno! Wearing Police dress in cinema will not be possible anymore?

Imagine yourself wearing a government approved uniform, you will be put behind bars but actors do it every day without any legal permission. The fact that we are going to acknowledge you today will blow your mind as Advocate aka RTI activist Yashendra Singh has excerpted brilliant facts in public interest related to government differentiation between a common man and celebrity.

Yashendra Singh filed an RTI dated 17th May 2019, where he asked Prime Minister Office, if a common man wears the civil Uniform assign to police, army, advocate, and minister by government of India, he will be sentenced to jail under section 420, 467, 468 or 469 and if the same dress assign by the government of India is worn by Bollywood actors then why they aren’t getting punished according to the same law applicable on common man.

He received the response from PMO office referring to Information and Broadcasting Ministry. PMO office mentioned that they don’t have a valid reason to your query as this concern falls under Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Yashendra Singh filed an another RTI to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) seeking the same reason as asked to PMO office. I&B Ministry also replied that we control the content and license of the different channels, publishing agencies, and tabloid, the true reason for your concern will be answered by the Central Board of Film Certification.

RTI activist Yashendra again filed an another RTI to Central Board of Film Certification seeking the same reason as asked to PMO Office and I&B Ministry. This time also his desire to seek turned empty-handed as Central Board of Film Certification didn’t have any genuine reason to respond to Yashendra’s RTI.

The question or issue that’s emerging is that if there is no provision of arrest or lawful inquiry for actors practicing civil dresses for acting purpose then why a common man who has a desire to wear any government assigned dress is getting put behind the bars. What is the purpose of this law which discriminated among its own civilian?

Wait, sit and give it a deep thought as in this 1.3 billion population is it justifiable to discriminate people on the basis of their profession or position?

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