This Muslim man building Durga Maa idol proves the very foundation of India, Secularism

Let’s not run away from the fact that we as a country are spending a little too much time diving people on the basis of their caste, color, and religion which is eventually only leading to more hatred. Just when we thought that there is no humanity left, this story of a Muslim man who makes statues comes as a ray of hope.

“Many people ask me why I make such Idols as I am a Muslim. But I want to tell that I have been doing this work since 1975. I always think that an artist has no religion and his only religion and duty is to serve humanity,” says Ahmed who is constantly asked by people about why he makes idols of Hindu gods despite being a Muslim.



Nuruddin Ahmed, an art director from Guwahati started his big project for the Durga Puja season on August 1st and it took him almost two months to complete the 100ft Durga Maa statue with 5,000 bamboo poles. India is known for its festive spirit and the Navratri season has a different vibe all across the country with different flavours depending upon the states. Kolkata has already made it to the world record for having the most expensive Pujo pandals and now Ahmed’s statue is on its way to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ahmed’s Durga Maa idol is not just beautiful, it is also eco-friendly as no other material like plastic or metal has been used and it is purely crafted out of bamboo poles.

According to Ahmed, the statue was supposed to ready before the pujo celebrations but due to the storm that arrived in Assam, the statue fell down on September 17, making it a challenge for Ahmed and his fellow artisans to complete all of it in six days.

Ahmed believes that art is beyond the concept of caste and religion and we couldn’t agree more.

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