#MonkeyMenace: IAF Lady officer falls down on stairs after monkeys attack her in Defence ministry

Monkeys are a menace in Delhi’s South Block, which houses three of the most powerful addresses the Prime Minister’s Office, the defence ministry and the external affairs ministry.
The victims of this issue are the same people who can find a solution for this but unfortunately they continue being attacked by the lagoons repeatedly.
This time an IAF lady officer was the prey. The lady fell down stairs of the south block after being attacked by the monkeys. We do not have any reports yet if she has gone through any injuries.

Every office in Delhi’s ministerial zone is now similarly “barricaded”. MPs and senior officers who live in houses in the area dare not keep doors and windows open. Till a few years ago, Lok Sabha Secretariat maintained a full-fledged langur brigade to shoo the monkeys away.

Travellers to any pilgrimage centre will know the number of monkeys and how hotels are forced to fence balconies to ensure that the rooms remain monkey-free.
Some MPs have united to tackle a common adversary of many lawmakers: the Capital’s simians.

And it’s no monkey business. For years, efforts to make Lutyens’ Delhi a monkey-free zone have all but failed. The simians managed to enter, literally, the corridors of power in various Bhavans, North and South Block, and other government offices apart from finding shelter in New Delhi’s green cover.

The House committee of the Rajya Sabha, responsible for allotment and maintenance of its MPs’ accommodation, wants to take a different approach to tackle the problem of monkeys and also stray dogs. It has sought public opinion and experts’ views to prepare a report after “studying in detail” the issue.
But, like all the other issues of our country the results and solutions are yet awaited.

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