Latest Update: Out of 4000+ cases in India the death toll reaches 109.

Coronavirus pandemic has crossed more than 4000 positive cases in India and has caused 109 deaths till now. As copared to other countries like USA, Spain, and Itlay the number of cases reported in Indiia is very low. Coronavirus has killed 9,618, 12,641, and 15,887 in USA, Spain and Itlay respectilvely till 6th April.

Other countries like Germany, France, China Iran, UK, and Belgium has also reported 1,584, 8,078, 3,131, 3603, 4,934, 1,447 deaths respectively till now.

Meanwhile, a five-member team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) collected exhibits from the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Delhi’s Nizamuddin. At least 9,000 people participated in the religious congregation in Nizamuddin last month. So far, over 400 coronavirus positive cases and about 15 deaths in India have been detected which are linked to the religious congregation held at the Nizamuddin headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat in mid-March.

Good News: With the help of M/s D H Ltd, Ghaziabad, in a short time of around four days, one of the labs of DRDO, Vehicle Research Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar, has designed full body disinfection chamber called as PSE.

According to DRDO it is a walk through enclosure which would allow one person at a time to walk through for being decontaminated and it has a portable system which is equipped with sanitiser and soap dispenser. Meant for the defence personnel, this will start using a foot pedal at the entry, and electrically operated pumps will create a disinfectant mist of hypo sodium chloride.

The mist spray is set to operate for 25 seconds and stops automatically on completion of the process. Through the spraying of the disinfectant, the personnel will be expected to keep his eyes closed.

It comes with a roof mounted and bottom tanks and has a capacity of 700 litres and around 650 personnel can walk through before the next refill.

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