King of Romance Yash Chopra was in love with Mumtaz: Read Here

Yash Raj and Mumtaz
King of Romance Yash Chopra was in love with Mumtaz: Read Here

Yash Raj Chopra was born on 27th September 1932 was on Indian Film Director and Producer worked in Hindi Films. Chopra belongs to Punjabi Hindu family, his father was an accountant in the PWD division of the British Punjabi administration. He was the younger Brother of BR Chopra.

His passion for film making led him to travel from Ludhiana to Mumbai and worked as an assistant director to IS Johar. Chopra received his first opportunity to direct film “Dhool ka Phool” produced by his elder brother BR Chopra and his last film was Shah Rukh Khan- starrer ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ in 2012, before the release on 21 October 2012 he passed away.

Yash Raj Film is Known for their Excellent filming skills and making stars out of celebrities with really romantic movies. His films gave a different perspective to love and friendship.

We all remember Mumtaz, the famous heroine of the 60-70s for her beautiful smile and different style. But hardly you know that Mumtaz, who rules millions of hearts, was made in the love with director Yash Chopra. They both love each other, spent lots of time with each other and also want to get married very soon. Yash Chopra was fond of Mumtaz and cast her in film ‘Man and Insan’ with Saira Banu.

Mumtaz was in the side role in the film and Saira Banu as a lead role actress but Yash increased Mumtaz role due to his passion for Mumtaz and gave him a special song, while Saira Banu could not do anything special in that film.

After this, Yash Chopra’s elder brother BR Chopra went to Mumtaz’s hous with wedding proposal of Yash and Mumtaz but it failed due to her career. Mumtaz’s career was just started at the time and her family member doesn’t want to let that destroy and thus Mumtaz and Yash Chopra’s relationship ended here.

After this Yash Chopra married Pamela Singh while Mumtaz started focusing on her career and films and Mumtaz also paired with the evergreen actor Rajesh Khanna and both gave many super hit films. Mumtaz had become a very big star now. But reaching the height of his career, he too left the film industry after marrying a businessman.

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