“Is this our reputation abroad”: Industrialist Kishore Mariwala feels ‘ashamed’.

Industrialist Kishore Mariwala recently took to Facebook to share an incident, writing that he was “really ashamed” of the reputation Indians seem to have in abroad.

A member from a business family like Mariwala is being questioned about his existence around a Muslim.

Kishore Mariwala went to Phuket on sailing holidays, he was shocked to at the incident that took place while he was going on a yacht for a week.

He wrote on his Facebook and explained the whole incident in which he says “I was ashamed beyond words.”

In the incident, the manager of the yacht company said, “We read in newspapers that Hindus don’t want Muslims near them”.

Mr. Mariwala wrote that he was not only shocked but was also very ashamed about to be an Indian.

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