Innovative News: Jaipur based hospital is using robots to send medicine and food to infected patients.

A government hospital here is putting a robot through its paces to see if it can help in the fight against coronavirus, delivering food and medicines to patients admitted there. If the trial works out, the humanoid robot could make its way to assigned patients with a tray carrying food or medicines.

A private firm which manufactures humanoid robots approached the hospital offering a robot for a trial, Dr D S Meena, hospital Superintendent, SMS Hospital, Jaipur told PTI. Dr Meena also said that the efficacy of the robots to send food and medicine to the assigned patients will be judged in the trials. The task of offering food and medicine to the patients rests with the nursing staff of the hospital.

The robot at SMS Hospital uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to do its job. It doesn’t need to follow lines on the floor and can navigate its own way, according to developer Bhuvnesh Mishra.

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