India Had The Perfect Response To China’s Video Demeaning India

Xinhua News, an online portal for news in China, just came out with an absurd video trying to blame and accuse India of things that haven’t even happened. Sounds preposterous doesn’t it? The video includes racist elements, wrongful accusations, and outright false facts!

Watch the ridiculous video and see for yourself.

India and China have been involved in a conflict in Dokham, a Bhutanese territory, for the past 2 months. Stuck in a stand-off ever since, it seems evident that China is rattled and has to resort to unsavoury methods without us even firing a bullet.

After being published on social media, most of which is blocked in China, this video has gone viral with many people replying to it. Most of them Indians, some of us heavily criticised the video, and the rest of us could only laugh at the low level the Chinese media is stooping to.

Hindustan Times have also released a video in response to XHNews. Perfectly breaking down all the false points made by the Chinese media outlet, and doing so in a very likable, satirical way.

We hope China learns its lesson soon, and begins to act like rationally, like a VETO power should.

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