In first of it’s kind service, Mamta Govt brings London like facilities for Kolkata Commuters!

In Kolkata, a majority of people use public transport for their daily travelling.To ease this, West Bengal government has launched all-in-one transport pass as well as ‘Patha Disha’ app, with this Kolkata has become the first city in India to take it’s step towards digital enhancement in the transportation sector.

The all-in-one transport pass will be known as “West Bengal Transport Card”, the card will be valid in various transportation modes in Kolkata including state-run buses, trams and ferries. Though, it won’t be valid in the metro as it comes under Central Government.

Currently, the card is available only in five major bus stations in the town and is expected to be available from other 20 locations soon

With the introduction of pre-paid transport card, it will reduce the hassle between passengers and conductor and will make the transport system more transparent said West Bengal Transport Minister, Suvendu Adhikari.

Officials have said, currently, smart card services will be available in 700 buses and will be extended to further 300 buses in a few months.

West Bengal government has not only introduced all-in-one transport pass but also introduced PathaDisha App, with the help of an app, commuters can seek the location of bus, it’s route and destinations as well as the availability of seats and crowd in the bus.

To ensure the safety for passengers, GPS systems will be installed in the buses along with CCTV’s cameras.The app has features like ‘accident management’ to send alerts to police, hospitals, fire stations and other agencies during a mishap or accident, that will enable relevant assistance to be rushed to the location.

This initiative has been funded by the Word band and Korea Green Trust Fund. Ms R Basu from World bank said “As one of the most densely populated cities, Kolkata is a challenge but could soon join the ranks of cities like London and Seoul which use data to deliver better transport,”

The uniform of drivers and conductors of state-run buses in Kolkata has been changed to dark blue trousers with light blue shirts, from the previous khaki colour.The new uniform is also embossed with Mamata Banerjee’s slogan “Safe Drive, Save Life”.

With the introduction of smart card and PathaDisha App, is definitely going to give boost in transportation sector.

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