Hyderabad Now Has The Biggest Liquor Store In India & It Will Transform How We Experience Alcohol

If you’re anything like me, you can’t really tell the difference between a ₹180 bottle of wine and something the experts would call ‘fine’. And as it turns out, there are plenty in the country that are nothing like me – making up a sizeable Indian market for an exquisite liquor store that specialises in fine wines from literally around the world.

According to The Hindu , tapping into this surprisingly unexplored market is Tonique , Hyderabad’s brand new global wine and spirits shop.

Located in the posh Jubilee Hills neighbourhood, this megastore is spread across a whopping 15,000 square feet and boasts of over 500 different brands of exquisite wines and spirits.
In case you’re having trouble imagining just how big that is, it’s more space than three NBA regulation basketball courts combined or a quarter of a professional football field.

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