Good news for Doctors! Soon they will be given security

Cases of violence against doctors by kin or attendants of patients has increased significantly, the government is mulling drafting a central law to ensure protection of the caregivers.

Over 75% of doctors across the country are reported to have faced at least some form of violence, estimates by the Indian Medical Association shows. Following complaints from the medical fraternity, the government had set up an inter-ministerial committee in 2015 to examine such issues and evaluate ways to ensure safety of those who save lives.

In its recommendations, the panel has suggested the health ministry initiate the process to bring a central act on the issue. The proposed law may have stringent provisions like making any act of violence against a doctor, medical professional or hospital authority a non-bailable offence.

Around 18 states across the country already have such laws in place. However, in the absence of efficient implementation doctors are often left to face the wrath of unhappy kin of a patient. The committee has asked the health ministry to frame the central act in line with existing laws in different states.

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