‘Gau’ Finds Their New Address As 5, Kalidas Marg, Lucknow As Yogi Comes To Power

His rise as a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has made the Yogi Adityanath attract the national media coverage and the spotlight The 44-year old spent most of his life serving “gau-mata”

As an all-powerful head priest, Adityanath is all set to control UP, and the fulcrum of his social appeal revolves around reverence for the cow which is considered holy in Hinduism. And with the recent news coming in, and first, of his kind, the hardliner from BJP has made a decision to fodder cow at his new resident.

Yogi Adityanath’s love for ‘gau’ can be seen from the early ages of his life. From feeding them to opening ‘gau shalas’ indicate that how much he love the cows. Also, the connection with cow dates back to the time when BJP announces its manifesto which includes the shutting down of all abattoir in the state. This in itself clears the air surrounding the ‘gau prem’ of his.

A source close to Yogi Adityanath state, “Yogi Adityanath gets up at 3 am. After yoga and daily prayers, he feeds the cows at his ‘gaushala’, He takes his breakfast only after feeding the cows.”

 The ‘gau prem’ of his can be seen as his ‘gau shala’ is spread over 2 acres of land on the temple premise which has over 500 cows.

 Though, the cow in his CM resident may signify the pure hardliner and ‘Hindutva’ ideology he has. And may send an image of ‘Saffronising’ the state even before coming to the power. The ‘gausahala’ of his has something different tale to tell.

In the same aspect, one of the volunteers that take care of cows in ‘gaushala’ is a Muslim, who is identified as Man Mohammad, who has been working at the cow shed since his childhood. His father, Inayatullah, also used to offer his services at the ‘gaushala’.

“Adityanath calls the cows by their names and feeds them. He has a strong bond with the cows. Nandini is his favourite,” said Sunil Rai, supervisor of the ‘gaushala’.

 The ‘gaushala’ has the best breeds of cows including Gujarati, Sehwal, Desi and Gir, which produce over a hundred litres of milk a day. The milk is used for making ‘mattha’ (buttermilk) which is distributed as ‘prasad’ among the devotees visiting the temple.

 “The cow dung from the ‘gaushala’ is used for making bio-manure,” he said. The association of cows with the temple and Hindu politics in the region is an old one, fostered by Adityanath’s guru, Avaidyanath, who strongly advocated for anti-cow slaughter measures and gau seva even in Parliament.

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