“Expenses for Kejriwal’s secret holiday was paid by government” alleges BJP

Politics on the government of Delhi is a part of routine affairs now. The days as well as the newspapers are incomplete without the spices of Delhi politics in it.
And this time the allegations are totally on a different level. This time BJP leader Satish Upadhyay has alleged that Kejriwal’s visit to Jindal resort for ‘secret holidays’ was sponsored by Delhi government. The cost which summed upto 33 Lakhs!

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal made another visit to the Jindal Naturecure institute on Tumakuru Road . However, it wasn’t his cough but high blood sugar levels which brought him back to the centre.
Kejriwal had first visited the naturopathy centre in 2015 after the Delhi elections to treat his chronic cough. He was given a 10-day treatment to detoxify himself through mud pack, eye pack, enema, steam, massages and acupuncture. His second visit was in January 2016.

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