Don’t Worry RaGa about your torn kurta, Here’s someone concerned who took a step for you!

On Monday, while speaking at Vijay Sankalp convention of party workers in Rishikesh, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of undermining the autonomy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The whole internet was storming with tweets and troll over RaGa for his ‘Torn Kurta” but this man took Rahul’s condition very seriously and actually took a strong step for him.

Mukesh Kumar Mittal from Ghaziabad sent a 100 Rupee demand draft to Rahul Gandhi to get his torn kurta stitched. The empathy man also attached a personal letter along with the money for Rahul. Awwww!

demand draft

This turned out to be even more hilarious as Mr. Mukesh especially mentioned that Rupees 100 is the maximum amount that would take to get a kurta stihed and a party president should not roam around and complain with a torn kurta like that!

Although Gandhi has been attacking the Prime Minister and his policies in most of his speeches, what received a huge response from the crowd was his ‘torn pocket’ antic.

While slamming the Modi government over demonetisation and holding the latter responsible for the state of affairs in the country, Gandhi stopped his speech mid-way and decided to show the torn pocket of his trademark white kurta to the crowd. Then, he returned to the mic and said, “Mera kurta phata hua hai…lekin Modiji ka kurta kabhi phata hua nahi milta. Bade paisewalon ke saath unki photo milegi (My kurta is torn, but you’ll never find Modiji’s kurta torn. You will only spot him in pictures with the super rich.)

And while Gandhi was still alleging in his speech that the Prime Minister worked for the welfare of only the industrialists, his torn kurta antics had already taken the social media world by storm.

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