Don’t chant pro-neighboring slogans, if you like them so much ‘Go to Pakistan’ – Meerut SP

A Senior Police officer Akhilesh Narayan Singh has been spotted saying ‘Go to Pakistan’ in a CAA protest video happening in Meerut. The incident took place on 20th December, the police dressed in riot gear were attempting to tackle violent protests that broke out after Friday prayers in Meerut’s Lisari Gate. A senior police officer in Meerut was caught on camera making a communal remark on residents of a Muslim-majority locality.

Watch Video:

“Stones were being pelted, anti-Indian & pro-neighboring country slogans were being raised there. The situation was extremely tense. PFI pamphlets were being distributed. This was despite all appeals, including by religious leaders. Yes if the situation was normal then the choice of words could have been better, but that day the situation was extremely volatile, our officers showed a lot of restraint, there was no firing by Police,” ADG Meerut Prashant Kumar said.

What Akhilesh Narayan Singh said –

“Those wearing black and blue badges, tell them to go to Pakistan.”

“If you don’t want to live in this country, go to Pakistan!!!!…. I remember this lane now. After I remember, I can even reach your grandmother.”

“Every man from each house will be arrested.”

“You people live here and feed whatever grows on our motherland, instead of praising your motherland, you are chanting pro-Pakistani slogans.”

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