Disgraceful ! Students are forced to sweep classrooms instead of studying.

School is a place, where students come to acquire knowledge.But there is a government school in Bharatpur from Rajasthan, where students are sweeping the school premises by broom, instead of studying there.

Deepak of class 3 student said  “There is no cleaning staff. So, our teachers tell us to clean. And we do.”

As there is severe shortage of cleaning staff, students of Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district government school are often seen holding brooms instead of books in the premises.

Students have alleged that their teachers make them sweep rooms and corridors.

As there are 232 schools in four divisions in the district, all of whose positions for class four type employees amounts to 368. Out of these 368, 132 position are vacant.

In lieu to this issue education department in has said that they have been providing Rs 500 each month (typically for 10 months) to every school that is facing crunch of sweepers.

However, the department is unaware of students taking up the job of cleaning their school.

Deputy District Education officer Anil Kumar Aggarwal, told English daily.”I do not have information of students cleaning but there will be an investigation about this. However, there is a shortage of cleaning staff,” said Anil Kumar Aggarwal, Deputy District Education officer.

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