Digvijay Singh needs mental medical treatment: Ajay Bhatt on Digvijay’s Bhagwa statement

Uttarakhand BJP chief Ajay Bhatt on Thursday gave reply to former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s statement on Bhagwa people. Ajay Bhatt slammed Digvijay with a blunt statement stating “People like Digvijay Singh who had already lost their glory and respect in their party are making a senseless statement nowadays. People like him need proper mental medical treatment. He must consult a good doctor to overcome his illness.”

Recently, Digvijay Singh made a statement that “People who wear Bhagwa clothes are actually the rapist and Bhagwa people were earlier selling chooran and now also they are selling chooran. He said more than Muslims, Hindu people are working as a spy for ISI. He blamed Banrang Dal and BJP for receiving funding from Pakistan.”

After slamming Digvijay Singh for his false allegation statement. Ajay Bhatt, when asked about Shahjahanpur Swami Chinmayanad rape case. He said ‘BJP is the aggravate the innocent but it also doesn’t let go the culprit. Wait the Justice will prevail.”

Sometime BJP politicians statement seem exaggerating as till date Shahjanpur Police has not even registered the case against Chinmayanad and they say justice will prevail.

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