Despite lucrative data plan offers, internet speed in India much worse than expected

At times when telecom industries are regularly coming up with lucrative offers on internet plans in competition with Reliance Jio, the state of Internet speed in India is much more worse than many expects. A recent Speedtest survey depicts the poor condition of internet speed in the country, in case of both mobile and broadband data. According to the report, while India ranks 74 out of 133 for broadband internet speed, in case of mobile internet speed the country stands at 112 out of 122.

And while the country keeps flaunting about internet usage, the need for a speedy internet evidently surpasses the statistics showing the total data usage. Despite mobile operators claiming to be offering 4G (LTE) connectivity at 50 Mbps speed, the report shows a single digit number at 8.18 Mbps speed, even as the global average is 52.3 Mbps. In case of broadband connectivity, the average speed in India is 16.26 Mbps while the global average is 154 Mbps.

Among several factors affecting the internet speed in the country, the Geography of India and the growing population becomes a major factor to cause network congestion. Moreover, there are other issues like the mobile spectrum prices charged by the government to telcos. Even many cities in the country refrain from allowing internet companies to lay down the fibre optics for a high-speed broadband service.

However, experts predict the scenario to change within a decade and with the increasing data usage, India’s future in internet connectivity seems much promising.

By Priyam Mukhopadhyay

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