Demonetisation row: Standing in long queues, what you should and shouldn’t do

Eversince Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi has announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes people have flocked to both the banks and ATMs like never before.

While it is obvious that this crusade that PM Modi has launched against accumulation of unaccounted money is historical in itself but on the flip side of it the unavailbility of sufficient cash in ATMs all across the country have made people impatient while standing in queues. There have been reported cases of vandalisation. Below are some suggestions which if followed much of the harrasment could be avoided.


Spread hope. People who have deposited their hard earned money need not worry at all. Your money will not be confiscated.

Wait for your turn. Whatever happens, everybody’s turn will come. Only those need to worry whose money is unaccounted for.

While you wait in the queue educate people about bank rules and the long term benefits of demonetisation drive.

Carry necessary food and water and provide some to those who may indulge in some kind of scuffle.
Help those who can’t read and write by filling up their forms meant for exchanging and depositing money


Never panic. As panic raised by one will be spread by many and will effect in a chaotic situation.
For the convenience of customers, most banks are issuing tokens. So do not worry.

Don’t allow fear mongers and rumour mongers of any kind within the vicinity to do their job.

Do not behave rudely with bank staff as they are taking as much stress inside the bank as the people outside. They are their to ease your problem not to aggravate it.
Do not spread rumours or false news about new currencies. The RBI and the government will make announcements as and when necessary.

People have time till December 30 to get their old demonetised currencies exchanged. Cooperate with the government and help the nation fight corruption. The demonetisation plan had to be kept secret to trap black-money hoarders.

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