Delhi Government considering aerial water sprinkling to bring down pollution

As Delhi chokes with the increasing pollution and people suffocate in the city, the Delhi government on Monday had formulated a way to overcome the pollution crisis of the National Capital.

Taking one step further from last year’s odd-even rule, the Delhi government had strike a deal with the central government of aerial water sprinkling in the National Capital. Tweeting on the same, the AAP’s party spokesperson tweets, “Delhi govt requests Union Environment Ministry to undertake aerial sprinkling of water to settle dust particles; Del govt to bear the cost.” The aerial sprinkling of water comes amidst the rising pollution level in the city at an alarming rate

In a recent report that surfaced few days backs states on an average people breathes in equivalent to 50 cigarettes. The aerial water sprinkling would help in bringing down the pollution level.

Last year, Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government introduced the formula of Odd-Even rule to counter the rising level of pollution. During the odd-even rule, vehicles with number plate ending with odd digit would be allowed on odd days and vice-versa.

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