Blue Whale Challenge: Indore boy who attempted suicide noted every completed stage in school diary

Amid several teenagers across the world getting addicted to new online self-harming game, ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, a class 7 student in Indore, who attempted suicide as the final task of the game, used to write down details of all successful and completed stages of the dangerous game. School sources have confirmed that the boy’s friends, being unaware of the game’s implication, never took it seriously even after knowing that their friend is undertaking the challenge.

And while the deadly game stands responsible for several teenager deaths across the world, days back, a 14-year old boy from Mumbai jumped off from the terrace of his apartment to complete the final task of suicide. This was allegedly the first instance of death in connection with the Blue Whale Challenge phenomenon in India. However, the police have not yet confirmed whether the suicide is linked with the game.

And with more number of teenagers falling in the trap of the deadly challenges, evidently creating a rising threat at the door steps, Hindustan Times quoted Indore Sahodaya School Association chairperson Archana Sharma, saying, “We are sensitising all school principals about the game and promoting ‘Digital safe’ in all the schools. School students are not following such games, though they are aware that such a game exists. This came out at a recent teenage conference.”

In a separate instance, another 14-year-old was today rescued by the police in Pune, after he left home to complete a task assigned by the administrators of the online game. As reported by Times of India, a police official said, “As soon as we were informed by our counterparts in Solapur, we intercepted the bus and rescued the boy, who was on his way to complete a task given by the Blue Whale Challenge game.”

Originated in Russia, the deadly online game, ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ comprises of a series of self-harming tasks assigned by administrators during 50 days before the teenagers is to complete the final challenge of suicide.

By: Priyam Mukhopadhyay

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