Bizzare: Mysterious braid chopping instances create panic, police stay puzzled

In bizarre series of events, there had been as many as eight cases of mysterious braid chopping incidents coming to the fore across Delhi. With the police clueless and puzzled in each case the miscreants are yet to be identified and apprehended. While similar incidents had earlier been reported from parts of Rajasthan, Haryana and outer Delhi, few fresh instances have been reported in Delhi on Tuesday, with women complaining of their hair being chopped without their knowledge.

With shocked villagers seeking superstitious remedies, victims at Mathura villages reportedly experienced unbearable headache and fell unconscious after the incidents, while their cut off braid was left behind at the spot. As reported by the Times of India, a 50-year-old woman from Sisram Nagla area under Magora police station of Mathura had to be admitted to the hospital, after she encountered shock discovering that her hair was chopped off while she was asleep.

In a more bizarre instance, a woman from Bharokar village in Barsana was cleaning utensils before she fainted seeing a woman with big teeth. After regaining consciousness she found her braid cut off, lying on the ground.

As reported by DNA, a family from West Delhi’s Mayapuri had to call the police when the similar incident of mysterious hair chopping victimized four members of the family including a BSES employee and her four daughters. Another woman from Begumpur area complained that she went to answer the door bell and found no one outside. And when she turned around someone caught her from behind and chopped off her hair.

However, police have asserted that a group of miscreants is trying to create panic among people. TOI reported SSP Mathura, Swapnil Mangain claiming that the police are unable to take actions due to lack of FIR from the victims. Senior officials have further confirmed that there are examples of many fake calls in this regards.

By Priyam Mukhopadhyay

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