Biometric rules over the current practice of stamping

To offer a seamless boarding experience, our ‘Tech-Savy’ government comes up with an initiative to ease domestic flight. Replacing flight ticket or e-ticket, the biometric process is one impressive initiative.

Easing domestic flights in India the aviation ministry comes up with a paperless aircraft boarding process to make hassle free traveler identification system

Now ‘Busy bees’ won’t get on their nerves thinking about aircraft travel because all that one would need to board a domestic flight is mobile phone.

The linking of database of airlines with Aadhar and passport numbers will allow access to the boarding gate closer to the flight departure time.

In response to the initiative, Aviation secretary R N Choubey said, “The usage of biometrics will ease entrance at terminals, hereby; passengers will not have to show their ID cards.

Tracking the passengers move, the linked airport databases will further show if the specific passenger has been through check in and security check gates before being allowed access to the boarding gate closer to flight departure time.

This would further decongest the space allowing those ‘anxious’ passengers who turn up at boarding gates much before the actual timing of take-off.

The biometric process will also ease the last level of the process by allowing the airlines to know about the missing flyer in case he does not report for boarding in time.

Passengers giving biometrics at each stage of airport process will help do away with the current practice of stamping “security checked” on physical boarding cards.

A special unit in Airports Authority of India is also set up giving shape to ‘Digi Yatra’ program whose indicative cost and time frame of implementation is yet to get revealed.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and Central Industrial Security Force have begun trial runs at 10 more airports, including Pune and Ranchi.

International flyers, on the other hand will need passports to travel, with no sign of relief on them.

To set up an effective surveillance Biometric, thus comes as a Santa’s sack, full of usages in comparison to the current practice of stamping ‘security checked’ on physical boarding cards.

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