Beware! You Have Been Thugged At Petrol Pumps For Years! Read How? 

We Indians are super-popular in pan world for creating “JUGAAD” everywhere we can. But we should keep in mind the fine line between a ‘jugaad’ and a ‘fraud’.

A fine example of Indian ‘Jugaad’ has surfaced today, where a programmer has programmed a special chip for petrol pumps. This chip helps the petrol pump owners in stealing petrol from your vehicles.

This chip is fitted into the petrol dispensing machine, and it dispenses slightly less amount of petrol than it should dispense for the given amount.

For example, suppose you have asked for 500rs petrol, but the machine will dispense you petrol worth 480rs only. These petrol pumps have been stealing from you people for a long time in whole India.

This scam kept into a run for such a long time, because nobody can notice a slight imbalance in the quantity of petrol. Another factor helping this scam is that the petrol is directly poured into our vehicle’s petrol tank, so there is no chance of checking the quantity.

The scam-chip, once fitted into the machine, can easily be controlled with the help of a remote (it gives you the power to choose your victim too). The remote helps in regulating the amount of petrol to be theft, too, which customer to spare and which customer to victimise.

This scam came into limelight after Uttar Pradesh Police Special Task Force’s initiative, where they formed 3 teams and raided the petrol pumps of UP’s capital Lucknow. UPPSTF raided major areas of the capital naming Sitapur Road, Cantonment, Chowk, Kursi Road, Chinhat, Fun Mall etc.

Many petrol pumps were found habitual to this trick. Essential steps have been taken against the defaulters.

Going on with the reflex action, UP Police has also picked the guy who programmed this scam-chip for the petrol pumps.

The investigation is on, but, think for a second.

If they saved 5rs from 1 customer, for 2 years, assuming 500 customers each day, then, what amount this scam can hold within?

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