Bangladesh police arrest self–proclaimed ‘Sultan of Sex’ on blackmail charges

Amid global concerns over sexual and mental abuse against women, the Bangladesh police have recently arrested an alleged maniac who proclaims himself as the ‘Sultan of Sex’. According to an official, the ‘Sultan of Sex’ is charged with accusations of blackmailing dozens of women with intimate videos filmed during his sexual encounters with them.

The Bangladesh police conducted a raid at the accused identified as Fuad bin Sultan’s home in the capital city Dhaka and have seized a laptop, methamphetamine tablets, and alleged pornographic videos.

As reported by Agence France-Presse, a spokesperson of Bangladesh’s elite police unit has confirmed that Sultan, an allegedly male escort got connected with clients online and used to bring them back to his apartment for sex. Apart from having sex with his clients, Sultan filmed intimate moments with the victims and later blackmailed them for huge sums of money.  The spokesperson further confirmed that the police, after searching his laptop, have recovered videos of more than 150 individual victims, most of whom are married women.

A real estate agent by profession, Sultan also conducted vulgar live streaming service on the social media, wearing superhero masks, and had attracted thousands of viewers, many of whom are minors.

According to the spokesperson, while Sultan accepted his crimes, he has also claimed him best in the business of sexual intercourse. Sultan further claimed that the women came to him willingly despite knowing everything. However, being charged with tough pornographic laws, Sultan might find himself behind the bars for more than 10 years if found guilty.

Being a conservative Muslim-majority country, with a population of 160 million people, Bangladesh has a strict prohibition on pornography. Last year, the authorities in the country had blocked 600 pornographic websites as a part of a major morality drive. However, more than one-third of Bangladesh’s total population has access to the internet.

By Priyam Mukhopadhyay

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